I’m a strong believer in building capacity — whether it’s getting a business off the ground, engaging on social media, speaking publicly, or becoming a powerful writer.

Here are a few ways I’ve tapped into my marketing and communications expertise to help individuals and businesses find creative solutions:

Branding small businesses

I have spent 10+ years collecting experience in branding, public relations, and web development — and I love sharing my knowledge with small businesses!

One company is Salty Cushions, whose owner needed help launching their new business. I used WordPress to develop a website, complete with an ever-growing portfolio, and worked closely to develop their brand. Along with coaching on capturing photos, engaging with clients, and speaking publicly, we also secured a featured interview in Specialty Fabrics Review.

Project management

In 2016, the Center for Teaching Quality team recognized that its messaging, target audiences, and key offerings had shifted over time. I was tasked with managing an overhaul of CTQ’s branding.

This major project culminated in the launch of CTQ’s new website, which was built with WordPress, reflected CTQ’s creative expression, and included features such as the new blogging platform and searchable resource library. Also included were redesigned marketing materials, a CRM, and an outreach strategy to engage with supporters.

Communications support

When business owners and non-profit staff get busy, marketing tends to fall to the wayside. I love collaborating to identify “low-hanging fruit” – approachable and realistic opportunities that maximize outreach using available resources, including:

  • Introducing pre-made tools to streamline processes and simplify workflows
  • Creating communications calendars
  • Developing social media management strategies
  • Setting up design templates in Canva and Powerpoint