Do you know that you're great at what you do...

but still struggle to communicate that to clients? I've got you covered.


When business owners and non-profit staff get busy, marketing tends to fall to the wayside. It’s a fact.

I’m a strong believer in building capacity and identifying “low-hanging fruit” – approachable and realistic opportunities that maximize outreach using available resources. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. I have access to dozens of effective tools to make marketing your business a breeze. 

  • Introducing pre-made tools to streamline processes and simplify workflows
  • Creating communications calendars
  • Developing social media management strategies
  • Setting up design templates in Canva and Powerpoint



From websites to business cards, event promotions to social media graphics – I love marrying my experiences in branding and design to create colorful, clear, effective materials. My design expertise spans both digital and print platforms. 

Building new and updating existing sites

Graphics to fit all social media platforms

Business cards, brochures - you name it!

Designing sites, flyers and promo materials


Compelling and engaging stories spark awareness, prompt engagement, and ignite true change.

While at the Center for Teaching Quality, I coached dozens of teachers through the storytelling process – from mapping their story arc to analyzing their stories’ impact  during workshops, in-person retreats, virtual webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

While at the Alzheimer’s Association, I tapped into the passion of advocates and supporters to use their stories to demand change – through raising awareness, passing legislature, and securing donations.

When working with business owners, I build a brand around their why – starting first with their story, then exploring the how, what, and when.

What’s your story? I’m here to help you tell your powerful story and share it in meaningful ways.


I am committed to helping organizations build capacity, foster relationships, and impact their communities in powerful ways.

In addition to managing a diverse portfolio of fundraising initiatives, I have provided hundreds of hours coaching staff and volunteers on how to channel their passion for our mission into raising money in their communities.

I have served in a staff and volunteer capacity for several nonprofits:

Alzheimer’s Association
Special Events Manager

Center for Teaching Quality
Digital Outreach Manager

NC Foundation for Public School Children
Champions for Children Gala Marketing Chair

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
Interviewer and Resume Coach | Events Chair 

American Cancer Society
Ada County Relay for Life Sponsorship Chair

Idaho Community Action Network
Advocate | Events Volunteer

KaBOOM! of Idaho
Playground Project Lead

Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival
Marketing and Outreach Intern